Logistics Inside Sales

Job Descriptions:

Logistics inside sales position requires individuals who are detailed oriented, thrives in a fast paced work environment. This person must be organized and able to handle multiple tasks and work well in a team environment.


  • Would prefer a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain, Transport, or Business Related degree, or equivalent work


  • Minimum 3 years experience in customer/service or account management
  • Knowledge Microsoft, Excel, Word, and Outlook



  • Make outside Calls to Obtain New Business and to move freight for Existing Customers
  • Manage Shipping and Carrier Relationships
  • Negotiate rates
  • Great negotiating and problem solving skills
  • Reporting back to clients, keeping them up – to –date with the progress of goods
  • Strong communication skills and the desire to build lasting relationships.
  • Meet with clients weekly to ensure their expectations, initiatives and needs are being met and exceeded
  • Consistently deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction to maximize customer perception and retention
  • Actively seek new revenue opportunities in each clients’ program such as new opportunities and value-added


  • Outgoing and ability to develop good interpersonal communication with clients, co-workers and supervisors.
  • Sales Minded and Internally driven to succeed



Compensation Package


Salary: taking average salaries in the Buffalo NY area.


Indeed: $46,379.00

Ziprecruiter: $43,087.00

Payscale: $35,000.00

Glassdoor: $32, 830.00


401K plan Speed will match up 4% after one year of employment

HSA health Savings account: Speed will contribute to your HSA Account when you enroll into one of the High Deductible health insurance plans thru Speed.  You are required to have your own HSA account set up at the bank of your choice before this option will go into effect.  Speed contributes on a weekly basis to the employees’ Health Savings Account, when the employee contributes at least $5.00 per week to their own account.  Speed contributes a maximum of $750.00 per year for a single account or $1,500 for a family account.

Dental Insurance: Speed offers a Dental Plan through Guardian Dental Insurance at a cost of $6.28 per week for single coverage and $18.70 per week for family coverage.

Vision Insurance: Speed offers a Vision Plan by Davis Vision through Guardian Insurance at a cost of $1.57 per week for single coverage and $3.37 per week for family coverage.

Life Insurance: Speed offers $20,000 life insurance plan at no cost to the employee.

Short Term Disability Insurance: Speed offers STD insurance plan at no cost to the employee with a maximum benefit of $750 per week for up to 13 weeks.

Please send your application to