I would like to take the time to thank everyone at Speed for helping us with our most recent shipping challenge. The shipment delivering to Turkey, TX (Yes I SAID TURKEY) is listed as a penalty job. Throughout the process of manufacturing the product for this purchase order, it was never once mentioned to me that penalties would be assessed for every day that this material was late. Not only did the staff at Speed ensure Victor that the material would be delivered on time and save Victor from lost revenue, they found a way to help us on a second shipment by consolidating and delivering to over five hundred miles from the first stop. It only took the Speed Global Team about an hour to come up with a resolution for Victor. I will not mention the exact savings that were generated, but I can tell you that it had a considerable positive impact on both of these projects. I can’t thank Speed Global enough for handling this and many other logistical challenges that our customers seem to continuously task us with. It does not go unnoticed.

Thank you!